“Poetry is for those who seek what is beyond what the normal sentence can say.”- Lotus Sanders

My Darling Jameson.

Drink in the stars my love.

This will last but a moment.

Drink in the moment my love.

This will be all of our love.

Drink me in my love.

This moment is over,

As is my beating heart.

Forget To Remember.

Forget not son what you are made of.

Forget not girl what you are.

Forget not what son the task at hand.

Forget all girl, sleep away

Forget all son, creep away

Forget all me, but forget me not

Time to sleep, forget the forget-me-not’s in your hair

Time to sleep, forget the ways I made you fair

Made of grey and smoke before me

Forget not children who you are to me.

Noire’s Fate 0.1

My darling little shadow?

Is that you I hear?

My darling little shadow.

Is it you that is near?

My darling little shadow?

Is it you I can see clear?

My darling little shadow.

Is it in your eyes I see fear?

My darling little shadow?

Is it you who trusts me dear?

My darling little darkling.

Is it you that is near?

Dark little girl

See no evil, Speak no truth

My darling little shadow?

Is it you? Gone lost forever as is your youth.

Tell me the truth

Little shadow is it you?

Perfectly wrong.

How can someone so fragile be so strong,

How is this feeling wrong if it feels right?

How can you say this is different?

How is it that we all love and cannot love freely?

Wether you think I’m wrong or right.. I can’t change.

and im not sorry to have felt the beating of loves sacred drum

How father can you say this is wrong?

Light Shadows

No amount of distance will keep me bound

Meet me in the sky instead

Ill hold you close in a strange bed

No amount of broken cannot be found

Lost and tossed about the shadows

Take me with you, I can’t bear this weight

Im broken in the gallows

Let me find you darling it isn’t too late..

Duality of love.

Take my hand and jump,

I promise to hold you close,

Slump into my arms when you’ve had a love overdose,

Ill be there,

Slowly falling alongside you,

I promise to care,

Drifting alongside when your blue,

With you everything ill share,

Princess of my shadows and queen of my light,

The warrior alongside my troubled soul,

Ill lead you right,

This love won’t take a toll,

My mirror,

Slowly now…