Perfectly wrong.

How can someone so fragile be so strong,

How is this feeling wrong if it feels right?

How can you say this is different?

How is it that we all love and cannot love freely?

Wether you think I’m wrong or right.. I can’t change.

and im not sorry to have felt the beating of loves sacred drum

How father can you say this is wrong?

Light Shadows

No amount of distance will keep me bound

Meet me in the sky instead

Ill hold you close in a strange bed

No amount of broken cannot be found

Lost and tossed about the shadows

Take me with you, I can’t bear this weight

Im broken in the gallows

Let me find you darling it isn’t too late..

Free Hostage

Even with you now I fell you pull away, nothing like the love we held yesterday. Even now I can sense your true desire is to be free, who am I to hold thee captive? Your heart one of a stallion that must race, your spirit locked with me is one at a slower pace, one you do not desire but one we all have felt. A love that is peaceful yet peace-less for your restless longing.


You’re a liar
Do you have any idea Briar where liars go?
You’re a heathen 
Do you have any idea Briar where heathens go?
You’re a demon
Do you have any idea Briar where demons go? 
You’re the love of my life
Do you have any idea Briar, what I would give for you?
My demonic lover
You seduce me like no other 
Pulling me into your dark cover
Your voice echoing like that of a choir
But I must remember dear Briar 
You are nothing but a loving liar